Before purchasing a web design and development solution, we have listed below some frequently asked questions, which can be used as a checklist prior to ordering a web design package..

However, if you can’t find what you are looking for, please contact us and we will be delighted to help.


Frequently Asked Questions | Questions and Answers

Are there lots of hidden costs with Web Design?
Not with our service. Our prices are clearly listed and the price you see is the price you pay. If at any point, the specification changes during development, then we will detail any extra costs (if any) and confirm agreement with you before continuing. Once the project goes live, then there are no additional costs ever for web design, unless you order extra work or major changes. The only annual cost is your web hosting renewal (free for the first 12 months) if the site is hosted with us.
How do I keep my site updated?
The Content Management system will allow you to keep all the pages updated on your site without needing to contact us including adding new pages. Each page comes with an easy to use text editor for formatting the content. Of course, if you still prefer, we can handle all site updates for you for an agreed maintenance fee.
How long would it take to design my website?
This depends on two factors mainly; A. How quickly content can be supplied to us as it is needed. B. How much time you have to spend on the site with us, being able to answer queries, provide feedback e.t.c If there are likely to be a number of people involved in a project from your company, then it usually works best to have one central point of content to liaise with us. For small brochure style sites, if everything is supplied as requested, then we can usually produce them in a week or less. Larger projects can take longer, but we endeavor to give you detailed time estimations at the start.
How many pages can I have on my site?
There is no limit to how many pages you can have on your site if you order our CMS package. Our CMS is built on a platform that is designed to easily expand to fit the largest of requirements without any downgrade in performance. We are currently hosting sites that we designed with a large number of pages of content and some that only have 1 page, so there really is no limit.
How much will a website cost me?
Unlike some design firms, who don’t like to give a fixed price per x number of pages, we prefer to list our prices for all to see! To give an idea, prices can range from €199 for a simple one page brochure site through to several hundred for a large site with custom functionality. It all depends entirely on what you’re looking for with your site. If you would like a more specific quote for custom work please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to discuss it with you.
Is my website tied to you forever or can I move to another supplier?
Not at all, our sites are designed to work on any hosting system that supports PHP/MySql and can be moved at any time. Naturally, we hope you will stay with us for the life of the site and benefit from our excellent support, reliable hosting and secure back-up systems.
Once my site is designed and live on the internet, what support will I receive?
We will continue to work with you and help with any issues you may have. Support is available via our office number and email. If you would like any minor changes made to your site then we are usually happy to complete some of these free of charge. This will depend on the number of changes and how time consuming they are. Any major structural or functionality changes would require the issuing of a new quotation.
What if I don't like your design?
We place great importance on client feedback during the development process. Once development has begun, we will provide you with a link to the location where your site is being developed, usually on one of our own development sites. You can then view every stage of the project as it progresses and let us know at any point if there is something you don’t like. By working closely together in this way for every part of the project, we can ensure that you are entirely happy with the end product. We will never put a website live until you have agreed that you are happy and wish for no other significant changes to be made.
What is a CMS (content management system) and how can it help me?
A Content Management System (CMS) is software that allows non technical staff to maintain and add to a website from any web enabled location. We use a well established system with a wide variety of extensions and plug-ins designed to enhance the functionality of the site.
What training do you provide?
We provide video tutorials after your site goes live as part of the site price. These will be an in-depth tutorials about how to use and maintain your new site. Written documentation is also supplied for you to refer back to as needed. We can provide future training sessions if needed, e.g for new or replacement members of staff. If this is requested, then we will supply a quotation for the additional training costs.
Who owns the website once the design is completed?
Once the site is complete and full payment has been made, full ownership of the site transfers to you. We can supply a copy of all code and databases on DVD for an additional fee so you would be able to take it to another developer/host in the unlikely event of you wanting to do so!
Will my website be 'Search Engine Friendly' ?
All of our designs are built with good search engine performance in mind using the latest guidelines on tags and meta information. We offer recommendations on your content and how keywords can be fitted in without being too concentrated. We advise on blogs, directory submissions, Google Map placings and local news sites in order to help you build incoming links to the site and boost your ranking. We also help with making the most of social media in your site such as Facebook and Twitter which helps promote and spread the word about your content. For further and more in depth information on this please refer to the SEO and Marketing section of our website where you can find out about the services we offer in this area.
Will my website look the same to all visitors?
We test all our designs across all modern desktop browsers and mobile devices to ensure the design is as close to identical as possible across all of them.
Will we need to have a meeting?
For most projects, we like to have at least one meeting with the dual purpose of introducing ourselves and also having the best opportunity to ensure we fully understand your project requirements. However, this isn’t always possible due to constraints such as location or your schedule for example. In these situations, we can build a project brief over email or phone. For more information on the process we go through to design a site please refer to or ‘Web Design Packages’ page!
Can you host my site as well as design it?
Absolutely! We provide a comprehensive hosting service that includes 99.9% uptime and nightly back-up of all your site content, database and email, along with many other beneficial features.


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